The Great Circus Murder Part 9

Murder investigations, grand jury inquiries, and trials are all in this episode of Real Crime. This episode has part 9 of the murder of circus owner ‘Honest’ John Brunen. The narrative is colorful as the defense of Harry Mohr is set to begin. We also get a detailed account of Harry Mohr’s and his sister Doris Brunen’s life in the Mount Holly jail.real crime with Danny Lopez

Also in this episode of Real Crime we now come to part 7 of the inquiry into what part Small might’ve played in the murder of Florence Allinson. Small has pled not guilty!

We also have part 4 of the investigation into the mystery of who killed poor Leoda Childress in rural North Carolina tobacco country. There are a lot of witnesses and a lot of evidence. And the note! It appears the note has the same handwriting as a note that appeared a few years earlier when a man was hung and his body tossed in the local lake. Crazy shit going on in North Carolina!

And for a final bit, I read a Western Union telegram written by Clyde Barrow, leader of the Barrow Gang, and lover of Bonnie Parker—yes, both known better as Bonnie and Clyde. Enjoy!

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